Agrodorf GmbH is a multipurpose poultry company that has started up recently in Germany. This company, which is managed by a high experienced and professional group who are expert in producing chicken poultry products, is going to start its investment on poultry industry in Germany.

The activities of our group are classified into different parts related to this industry.

Our team, including experienced vets and engineers in the field of rearing broiler chickens and breeder ones and also producing these birds’ food, is providing the customers with healthy products along with up-to-date knowledge in accordance with hygienic standards in Iran.

In order to have familiarity and access to the products of our company, our sales team is ready to be in contact with our clients all over the world to simplify the choice and purchase by introducing the whole products and presenting supply strategies.

We are proud to present our customers in all countries around the world with our thirty-year experience in chicken poultry industry. Our consultants are keen to advise the clients in field of raising, producing and farm equipping.