Agrodorf GmbH

Agrodorf GmbH

Poultry Production, Trading & Consulting Company

Fertile egg, the beginning of a promising cycle…

We are proud to claim that during years of activity and experience, we sent standard eggs with high hatching rate to the incubation factories to make chicken meat production easier by producing healthy chicks.

The one-day old chicks

The one-day old chicks with the best quality is extremely influential in production and economic performance of the broiler flock since high-quality chick provides better performance and fewer losses in the flock. Moreover, this chick is more resistant to environmental changes and less sensitive to vaccination, which is the best factor to start an excellent production period. The one-day old chick from the best breeds of the world is the other product of our company in Iran that exists in both domestic and foreign markets through constant production, providing more the 7 million chicks a year.

Broiler Chicken

Our company, having breeder farms, a feed manufacture factory, chicken broiler farms, is constantly ready to provide the domestic and foreign markets with warm and frozen chicken meat in different sizes with the minimum yearly production of one million tons of meat.

Chicken Feed

It is obvious that chicken feed plays an important role in raising and performance factors of the flock and products’ health. Taking advantage of modern science, high-technology production facilities and desirable raw material, we make highly nutritious chick feed according to the age and the condition of the flock and use them in our farms in order to supply the highest quality and healthy products to the market.